For all the many aspects of good photography - timing, detail, creativity, clarity, balance, proportion – the most important, I believe, is good old technique and know how. After all, a photograph is nothing more or less than its end result.

Next, probably comes equipment, and most importantly lenses. I used to think that £1,500 for a lens was a lot of money, but when I saw a short documentary on how they were made, and the sometimes generations of dedicated people who made them, I wondered how these things could be produced so cheaply!

Like many photographers I was grabbed by the bug around the age of fourteen when I acquired an old Zeiss Ikonta (still probably the best camera I have ever had) and began learning the arts of photography and printing. I had some training when I was still at school by attending part time courses at the Art College. I gained further experience in photography and graphics by working at the Plymouth Polytechnic School Of Architecture for a short period of time.

I am now available for shoots in the studio or on location for products, portraiture, pets, architecture, events or whatever you may require.